Sunrise Over The Alps by Randy Brandt (Flying from Geneva to Rome, March 2007)
Welcome to my base camp, the place to start exploring and I am a web developer, a writer, a husband and parent, and a sports fan who loves playing hockey. Hopefully you'll find a site that interests you. Contact me:
  • Web Design: HTML, CSS and MySQL
  • Programming: PHP + JavaScript (jQuery!) = Ajax, plus VB6 and 6502 assembly, but who cares?
  • Video: affordable DVDs of your wedding, sports, or corporate event
Note: "r5" comes from my first initial and favorite number. I've been wearing 5 on hockey teams since 1990. Since we ended up with five kids, my wife is thankful I didn't choose #15! All five of my kids have worn 5 in competitive sports.

I've been working on a bunch of cool web sites, but haven't had time to update my own, or display the new projects. Meanwhile, you can visit these: