Franklin Graham Disappoints Again : 2006-12-18
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How many sacrificial love offerings does it take to provide Franklin Graham with over $1,000 per day, every day of the year? Yes, he has a large organization to run, but somehow collecting $368,115 in one year to head up a charity seems a little odd. After they toss a little coin his wife's way, the Grahams are sitting pretty at just under $400 grand a year (see his 2004 salary from the Samaritan's Purse Form 990 at the end of this rant).

Apparently that isn't enough when there's a chance to cash in on dad's corpse. Bizzare? Undoubtedly. An article titled Billy Graham's family riven over burial plans explains Franklin's scheme for a memorial "library" in Charlotte that is actually
a large barn and silo -- a reminder of Billy Graham's early childhood on a dairy farm near Charlotte. Once it's completed in the spring, visitors will pass through a 40-foot-high glass entry cut in the shape of a cross and be greeted by a mechanical talking cow. They will follow a path of straw through rooms full of exhibits. At the end of the tour, they will be pointed toward a stone walk, also in the shape of a cross, that leads to a garden where the bodies of Billy and Ruth Graham could lie.

Throughout the tour, there will be several opportunities for people to put their names on a mailing list.
This sounds more like Jim and Tammy Faye's amusement park than how America's most famous evangelist (regardless of how you feel about his ecumenical stance) should end up being remembered. His wife understands completely:
"It's a circus," Ruth Graham says at one point. "A tourist attraction."

Ruth Graham has told her children that she doesn't want to be buried in Charlotte. She has a burial spot picked out in the mountains where she raised five children, and she hopes her husband will join her there.
Let's hope that Ruth Graham's wishes are honored and Franklin sticks to profiting from poverty rather than from his parents' burial site.

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1. Benjamin Email Web 2006-12-20  12:23pm

I just hope that Mr. Graham gives away alot of his resources... it is near impossible to justify his "compensation", let alone that he takes it from the backs of people who think their giving is going to help lots of people (it would be revealing to know what the total income was for the ministry, to see what % Frank is taking in)... when will the greed end?

2. Randy Email Web 2006-12-20  1:36pm

The % is small, as Samaritan's Purse pulls in over $237 million. Still 1/10 of 1% can still be a lot.

3. ThirstyDavid Email Web 2006-12-20  6:11pm

His salary doesn't offend me so much, although it is definitely (ahem) generous. He isn't spending a nickel of mine! It's a pitance compared to Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, etc.

It really is disgusting that he wants to turn his father's grave into a circus for money. That really shows what kind of man he is.

I just wonder why the old man doesn't just say "No way." Why are they even discussing it? If little Franky was my kid, he'd take a trip to the woodshed that he'd never forget.

4. Bobbie Email Web 2007-01-10  1:48pm

Boy that's a lot of money! I'm disappointed in him. We have friends who are missionaries with Samaritan's Purse and they receive a salary (modest), which can free them up from the support raising aspects of ministry, I am thankful for the ministry in spite of his excesses. The amusement park issue is silly and embarrassing.

5. Anita Email Web 2007-01-11  7:27am

The burial site idea is disgusting. Just sick.
My husband was telling me about it the other night and I was totally grossed out.
I know that he has a personal cabin out in Port Alsworth, Alaska and has contributed to the Christian camp there in very important ways. Of course, I do not know if that iis from her personal funds or if it is from the organization.

6. no body important Email Web 2007-01-11  8:14pm

No where in the Bible does it say earning money is wrong, Frank helps more people in one year then I can dream about. It is his position of his heart that is important. I am sure not able to judge him...

7. Randy Email Web 2007-01-11  8:47pm

This isn't about judging Franklin Graham. He's done a great deal of good. However, people who give hard-earned money need to know how that money is being used. The amusement park thing is pretty strange and I felt it was worthy of mentioning. Draw your own conclusions!

8. Matt Email Web 2007-01-29  2:38pm

Check out It rates Samaritan's Purse as a 4 star charity (top of the charts). "Randy" wrote above that this equals 1/10 of 1 percent. That means if you give $100 to the poor through the organization, Franklin Graham recieves 10 cents of that for running the whole thing. Also, you stretched the numbers to try to prove a point. His income is only $255,000. Which is less than comparable organizations and their directors. World Vision founder makes $366,000. The other chunks of money directed to Franklin Graham are for health care and stuff, and an expense account for traveling the world and directing the organization. This can't be labeled as money he's hogging for himself. The Apostle Paul himself said that certain ministers deserve more money. You probably have no clue as to the stress and exhaustion this man has to go through to direct such a large helpful organization.

9. Randy Email Web 2007-01-30  11:30am

Matt, I think you're the one messing with the numbers. When you say his income is "only" $255,000 my point is pretty much made, but you're also ignoring over $5,000 per month in additional benefits apart from his expense account by calling it "health care and stuff." I'm sure most of us would be thrilled to have a budget of over $60k per year for "health care and stuff." I think the stress and exhaustion faced by single moms on annual incomes that are less than half of Graham's "health care and stuff" budget far exceeds the difficulties of flying around the world making corporate decisions and planning tourist attraction graves for your parents.

10. Heath McAnally Email Web 2010-08-06  6:29pm

Dear sir,
I am not defending Mr. Graham; the Lord is able to make him stand or fall, and Mr. Graham will answer to His Master. I ask for your own sake: please search your heart and ask whether there be any envy or wicked way therein? Is there a spirit of divisiveness? Is there any benefit to the Body of Christ for your comments about him?

11. Graham Cracker Email Web 2012-03-10  12:30pm

What kind of sicko follows preachers around?
Stalker maniac.

12. Graham Cracker Email Web 2012-03-10  12:30pm

What kind of sicko follows preachers around?
Stalker maniac.

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